How to Delete Android Chrome Pop Up Virus

A pop up virus is annoying thing, because it can disturb your time with phone and even steal some information.How you got Pop up virus on your android phone? Disturbing pop up notifications usually is getting from shady websites. First, you need to open Google Chrome and then press the three dots.

chrome cache virus

After that you need to press Settings. Picture below.

notification virus

When you press settings you will see “Notifications“, press on that.

google chrome virus

Now all Google Chrome notifications will appear on your Android browser. Search for suspicious looking names, sometimes it can be shown on pop up notifications. If you find suspicious looking notifications, turn them off.

suspicious notification

Also, sometimes browser’s cache should be deleted. We will show you simple steps on how to delete android google chrome cache.

Press settings.

android notification virus settings

After that you need to find Apps category.

notification virus apps

When you press apps category, you will find google crome app. Press on it.

chrome notification

The last thing to do is make sure you have deleted all cache. Press on clear cache.

clear cache notification virus

We hope that after all these steps, you don’t have annoying Chrome pop up notifications. If it does not work, you should try to turn on your phone in safe mode. This guide was made with a Samsung Note 9 phone, sometimes different brands have a little different Android system, and small things can (like category names can be different).

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