Visual Watermark – Online/Offline Watermark Maker Tool

This is a online and offline application which you can download on your Windows Pc , Mac and Also on Android use for make Watermark in Photos and Videos. With the help of  Visual Watermark you can easily create high quality watermarks in your images and videos. Visual Watermark supports many of image and video formats. By using this you can create watermarks in your images and videos easily. Now lets move to our topic which is about Visual Watermark.

What Is Visual Watermark?

Visual Watermark

Visual Watermark is a watermarker tool. This tool helps you to watermark in your photos and videos easily and quickly without spending much time. You can use this amazing tool for creating watermark in your images and videos. It has a good feature of Video Watermark you can easily watermark in your videos easily. This app is very famous among Photgraphers, Videographers, Marketers and Many Companies. Because the reason is it has decent features and you can easily create high quality watermarks in videos and images quickly and safely.

Features of Visual Watermark?

This tool has many decent features like a Video Watermarking and Image watermarking. And by using this tool you can easily create watermark in your videos and images.

First you will know about how to watermarking in images and how this works

Watermark Photos Quickly And Safely

Visual Watermark Example 1

  • You can easily create watermark in photos quickly.
  • You can put text to logo, insert logo and combination of both.
  • Choose from 260 fonts or use your own fonts.
  • This app has a very decent and good feature like You can easily watermark offline in photos.
  • You can easily save watermark templates for later use.
  • Create A Watermark Incredibly Fast.
  • Easily create a watermark that’s unobtrusive, Secure and Fully customizable.
  • Easily make watermark that fits image size.
  • 12 Built-in watermark templates.
  • Text Watermarks.
  • Batch Photo Processing.
  • Logo Watermarks.
  • Automatic Watermark Size.
  • Copyright metadata.
  • Photo Resizing.
  • Photo Renaming.
  • This app Supports iPhoto.
  • Watermark Effects.
  • Shadow Effect.
  • Background Effect.
  • Glass Effect.
  • Gradient Effect.
  • Create Watermark Transparency.
  • Fill Mode.
  • Make Vertical and Rotated Watermarks.


 Quickly Create Watermark Photos: Easily Add 100 Watermarks in just 1 minute.

Visual Watermark Styles

You can create a batch watermark thousands of photos just quickly and fastly. And you can put text to image , insert logo and the combination of both. Or Also add watermark in photos. Choose from 260 fonts and use your own fonts by your mind. And the main of this app is save watermark photos offline and this apps batch watermark software on Android, Windows and Mac Platform.

Visual Watermark Apps Supported Hardware

Visual Watermarks supports on Windows/PC, MacBooks and iMacs with the Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or newer, Current version of the watermark maker supports the Retina displays.

Watermark Videos Quickly and Safe

With the help of this tool you can create watermark in videos very quickly and safely. And many of video editors getting problem in video editing but don’t take tension our apps provides you to watermark videos quickly/safely.

  • You can easily watermark very easily and batch watermark several videos at once.
  • Also you can create your own video watermarks.
  • And a very decent feature you can Watermark videos offline.
  • Add watermark to your videos.
  • Add text video watermarks.
  • Batch Watermark Videos.
  • Add logo video watermarks.
  • Easily Rename Videos.
  • Add video watermark effects.
  • Make transparent video watermarks.
  • You can easily Repeat watermark across whole video.
  • You can number videos using Visual Watermark.
  • Also add vertical and rotated watermarks.

Visual Watermark For Android Smartphone.

We have a good news for you we have launched our Application which is Visual Watermark. This means that now you can watermark your photos any time and any where doesn’t matters very quickly and very easily with the help of this app.

Visual Watermark App is Also available in three languages – English, Polish and Russian. And we are working for adding these languages which is Spanish, German, French and Italian version added too and after time we add more and more languages.

Visual Watermarks is available on Google Play Store. You can easily download by below button.

Download Visual Watermark On Google Play Store

Visual Watermark OS supports.

Visual Watermark is compaitable with Windows Vista, 7,8 and Windows 10. Also this app is Run on Mac Os X Lions, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Caiptain, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

*Free Download* Visual Watermark.

Visual Watermark Software

By clicking these below links you can easily download Visual Watermark App. This app also supports on Windows/PC and Also runs on Mac OS X.

If you want to download watermark app free then please click here.

This apps Current Version is 4.90

Also Checkout Alternate of Visual Watermark Which is Watermarkly.

What is Watermarkly ?


Watermarkly is also a good online watermarking tool. You can use watermarkly for watermarking an image. By using watermarkly you can create watermark on your image in high quality. With the help of this application you can add custom watermarks on 50 images in just 2-3 mins. Also you can add transparent and opaque watermarks in your image very quickly and instantly. Create amazing watermarked photos on Watermarkly. This app is fully customizable.

Watermarkly is very private and fully safe for use. It helps you to easily create a high quality watermarked image very quickly and safely. In this app you can normally add text and logos in every combination. Watermarkly has very decent feature which is cropping with the help of cropping tool you can easily crop image quickly.


Here, These are the some feature of amazing watermarking Visual Watermark application. By the help of this app you can easily watermark your images and videos. And also you can easily watermark offline in photos. Hope, You like this app. And Don’t forget to share with your friends, Office colleagues and your knowing ones.




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