Top 7 Reasons You Need A Screen Recording Software

Sometimes, screenshots are not enough to share something with anyone else. If you feel like you have to share more than just a picture. Screen recorders can easily help you for sharing something with anyone. The name suggests, it helps to record and capturing what’s on your screen, Some recorders have the option of recording audio as well.

Screen Recorder Software

Why we need Screen Recorder Software these are some reasons.

With screen recorder software, you can record both smartphones and laptops. You can easily record your screen or any video, presentation, games, or even create your own Movavi, for instance, it is a great choice and helps you to capture online videos, download videos from websites or record any program activity in just a single click on your Pc.

If you have any screen recorder app and you are confused about how to use it, here are the top seven reasons to use it:-

1) To create and save online classes

If you are enrolled in an online college or perhaps you are the person who likes to attend webinars and workshops, then you know they are mostly live-streamed which means that if you missed it, then you missed it. To tackle this problem, you can simply record your screen and then watch your classes recorded video whenever you want, you can pause it and replay it at your own Pc by simply using your screen recorder software.

2) Show your gaming skills to the world 

There are a lot of Gamers online who have started out by playing recording themselves playing games later uploading their videos on many game-streaming websites for showing their skills of gaming to the world. There are a lot of famous streamers around the world, they are using screen recorder software for gaining popularity and also making money, you can simply use for stream your game for gain popularity.

If you like to play too then share live your game skills and also record your gaming experience and upload it, who knows you can be the next big sensation!

3) To make How – To tutorials

You can create a how-to tutorial, provide a step-by-step guide, especially when it comes to software or apps. Suppose you want to tell your student how to use MLA seventh edition properly to write a research paper. You can provide such a detailed tutorial on a word document and you can also use a screen recorder for making tutorials.

You can also record your MS PowerPoint presentation while explaining each slide and send it to anyone, anywhere around the world.

4) To make memes or gifs

Memes are very popular around the peoples in the world and it speaks louder than words. People are interacting more by sharing memes or funny gifs. I have come across many moments while watching a video which I thought were meme-worthy. If you also think the same, then you can record your screen, add text, add some multiple effects and share it as a meme or gifs image, adding your value creation to the social media platforms.

5) To give feedback

Screen recording is really beneficial for the professors and professionals on the go. You don’t have to write notes or emails instead you can review any document whether being if it an image, a word document or even a presentation from anywhere and hassle-free.

It will also lessen the miscommunication as you can mark the problem area or highlight that specific point about which you are talking.

6) To showcase any software problem

I feel at a loss of words when I have to explain a technical problem because I just can’t describe what exactly went wrong or how. Now, this is a perfect example of when to use a screen recording. Suppose there is a problem with a software/app or a glitch is happening in your smartphone and Pc, instead of just telling, you can show your recorded screen to the professionals.

It will also come in handy in your work life. If, you are in the IT sector or an App developer. You can record and share the problem with your whole member.

7) To record conference calls or meeting

Today, a lot of meetings take place via video calling where multiple people from different locations chime in together and it’s obvious that you won’t be able to listen to everyone at the same time. Also, you won’t have to participate in the discussion. So, it is an easy solution to record your meetings by using screen recorder software. So, you can be carefree and focus on your meeting instead because you can take the important keynotes later.

8) For Webinars

Webinars coined by combining the words ‘seminar’ is a seminar or presentation made through the internet. It may be given to you by your superiors in the company work for. We all know how boring certain seminars can be. This can reduce your attention spans causing you to miss out important points or directions given to you. Using a screen recorder will save you from getting fired as you could always review the webinar later to check for any information you might have missed.

9) To Help Report Bugs

You just purchased an app recently, but when you tried to run it, you encounter a bug which causes the app to malfunction or force close and some bugs in the app. When reporting it to developers, send a video of what happens when you open the app rather than typing it in words. The developers will thank you for this as it is easier for them to understand the issue you are facing thereby helping you quicker.

10) For Tutors

Tutors or professors can make use of a screen recorder to communicate with their student efficiently. They can easily review their student’s projects or articles using a screen recorder to review the entire article in a single stretch. This is easier for the students to understand clearly and communication becomes effective.

11) Recording Gameplay Of Game

Maybe you are not a professional E-Sports player, but at the same point in your life, you can across a video of someone playing your favorite game which made you think “I can do better than that”. If so, a screen recorder software can be your best friend for showing your best gameplay to everyone. It can be used to record your game to showcase your skills and who knows maybe you will be a famous YouTube gamer.


These are some reasons for using Screen Recorder Software. Hope, you understand why we need screen recorder software. If you like it, don’t forget to share with your friend and tell them to use screen recorder software and their benefits.

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