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Trying to access Extratorrent but couldn’t? Is it blocked? If your answer is yes then you are at the correct place as today I am going to guide you all through the process of unblocking Extratorrents by the help of  Extratorrents Unblock Proxy and VPN. Then, you are able to use Extratorrents. With the help of these mirror sites, you can easily able to unblock Extratorrents. In this post, I am gonna tell you about Extratorrents, And Extratorrents Proxy which you can use for unblocking Extratorrent for free without facing any problem.

What is Extratorrents?


The lovable name among the torrent lovers is Extratorrents. It was basically one of the oldest and biggest torrent sites operating since 2006. This torrent site provides magnet links and torrent files for movies, software, games, and various other content. Extratorrent site has gathered tremendous popularity in its tenure over the 10 years with fresh content updates and a strong community.
In a report, it was found that Extratorrents was the most popular torrent site after pirate bay this 2019. But, to the surprise, after a series of incidents, the site owners have voluntarily shut down their main website extratorrent.cc in May 2017. After that many torrent proxy sites have cloned the original one. However, none of them have stayed for a long time.

Why the closure of Extratorrents?

Right from its inception, Extratorrent concentrated on having a quality torrent link which would often incorporate the basic laws of piracy in many countries which ultimately led to the ban by many ISP’s and government.

So, if you are now looking for some clever ways to use torrent sites like Extratorrent, you first need to Unblock Extratorrent mirrors or proxy sites. And that is what we are today going to tell you how and how not to unblock Extratorrent sites with the help of proxy and mirror Extratorrents Unblock sites 2019!

Extratorrent Unblock Through Extratorrents Proxy Mirror Sites Oct 2019

Below I have provided a list of fast and reliable Extratorrent Proxy that is ought to work for you. These Unblock Extratorrent Proxy Mirrors are a replica of the actual Extratorrent websites. Also, they have the same torrent files, data, and updates as the main domain, just on a different domain.

Here are some mirror sites for Extratorrent. There’s a 99% probability that it will we work. If it doesn’t work, please use any one of the proxy sites mentioned below. Please note that these mirrors sites have lots of popups annoying ads. So please use an ad blocker.

Extratorrents Unblock Proxy/Mirror Sites List StatusSpeed
Unblockall.orgOnlineExcellent Speed
Extratorrents.chOnlineGood Extratorrents Mirror Site
Unblocked.lolOnlineVery Fast
Unblocked.petOnlineVery Fast
https://extra4-to.unblocked.lolOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrents.cdOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.fyiOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.coolOnlineVery Fast
Extratorrent Official MirrorOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.proOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrentonline.comOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrentlive.comOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.unblocked.twOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.zoneOnlineVery Fast
https://extra-torrent.onlineOnlineVery Fast
https://etproxy.cdOnlineVery Fast
https://extra.cdOnlineVery Fast
https://extra.toOnlineVery Fast
https://etproxy.comOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.unblocked.stOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.immunicity.stOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.bypassed.stOnlineVery Fast
https://etmirror.comOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrents.siOnlineVery Fast
https://etproxy.comOnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrents.ch/OnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.red/OnlineVery Fast
https://extratorrent.world/OnlineVery Fast
extratorrents.unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast

If you are looking at the working Extratorrents Proxy Mirror servers then you are at the correct place there are several proxy links, which is able to help you access the torrent without any drawback. All the links are manually checked. Just visit Extratorrents through the provided links and enjoy your favorite movies for free.

Is Government Ban Extratorrent Mirror Sites?

It is not possible to ban Extratorrent mirror websites because the is just acting as a relay between the downloader and also the Extratorrent servers. The same is the case with Extratorrents proxy servers. Once you fail to access the Extratorrents, Then use the Extratorrent mirror to access the website. Whether or not the govt. problems the notice to the particular servers, Different servers will work without any drawback. There’s no a lot of distinction between the various server except the speed of information transmission and also the ping rate.

Why Was Extratorrents Banned?

As the extra torrent hosts differing kinds of pirated contents, sculptural materials, songs, software, and new free content. It’ll have an effect on the revenue of the content creator. That’s why the govt. decides to ban Extratorrents. However because the people use Extratorrent mirror to access the content, it’s tough to stop piracy. Extratorrent proxy is the same as other torrent proxy servers. Extratorrent unblocked many files to permit people to use the website for free of cost. It even releases new content on a daily basis for access.

How To Unblock Extratorrents Torrent:

No doubt there are plenty of ways to get the Extratorrents Unblock of which  Extratorrents through TOR browser and VPN is the easiest we find. Although to remain anonymous using these torrent sites you definitely need some extra knowledge however using above mentioned Extratorrents Unblock Proxy is easier and is recommended by us!
Hey, we already gave us the amazing list of Unblock Proxy mirror sites list. Just enjoy!

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1337x Proxy – Movierulz ProxyYify Proxy Eztv Proxy 9xMovies

What Is A VPN? And How To Use Them To Unblock Extratorrents?:

Extratoorents Unblock Through Vpn

The next question is what if you don’t want to use the Proxy/Mirror sites? You are left with no option than to go the hard way of unblocking through a VPN. However, it’s even not that hard too.

Steps to Unblock Extratorrents sites through VPN:

Step 1: Download any one of the VPN extension or its app on the device.

Step 2: For extension, Add it to chrome and Enable it
For App, simply open, go through the legal process and click on proceed to unblock Extratorrents Proxy site through any other country.

Step 3: Now you can use one of the Unblock Extratorrents Proxy to browse it safely.

How Can I Access Extratorrents Without Any Vpn

The answer simple. All you wish to try and do is find the list of various kinds of available extratorrent mirror sites. Once you open the link, the website can fetch the homepage of the torrent site. These are done through the cloning method. It’s like making a duplicate of the original. However, they need a regular link update mechanism to stay active. If the mirror sites are active, You’ll see a message, “Extratorrent Unblocked”. If the link isn’t working, then you would like to move to the next link.

Top 5 Alternatives of Extratorrents



RARBG is another best alternatives to Extratorrents. Amazingly, this site is well organized and every torrent contains an extended description thus you will be ready to decide whether or not. It’s value a while and bandwidth. Lot’s of users visit this every day to download the latest recent movies, TV Show, Games, Music, Software, Trailers and etc.



Kickass torrent aka kat might be a well-known torrents site with many torrent files to download, The websites are visited by uncounted users on each day to download the foremost recent movies, TV Shows, Games, Software, Anime and etc. At free of value. The site is obtainable in many languages the most quantity ad forty. And you’ll be ready to download large most effective quality possible with this site is blocked in many countries due to court orders. However, You’ll be ready to still access it by using a list of Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites. Kickass is additionally the most effective different possibility for  Extratorrents.


Yify Proxy

Yify is my first choice after when kickass and RARBG. Since the site looks thus easy and you’ll be able to download motion footage as very little as in the only 300MB. Twofold no doubt to its directors. It is additionally a decent various to Extratorrents. Yify contains a very easy to access and active interface and comes with a good layout. You can easily download or watch using Yify Proxy. Yify proxy is one of the best alternatives to Extratorrents.


1337x Proxy

1337x is a deluge catalog that offers connect with transfer documents like motion photos, recreation, tv shows, programs, and different free files. And the oversized range of shoppers utilizes this site on a regular schedule to download free substance from this webpage. And It is also a good alternative to Extratorrents.



Eztv is one amongst the exceptional internet sites when it involves tv suggests and video torrents. It’s updates of known tv series nearly instantly, and also the fine also is true. To begin with, Eztv began off as tv shows torrents organization, However currently its own website has additionally become an incredible torrent vacation spot in the main on the grounds that larger torrents became shut down.


Finally with it now I am going to end this discussion of this article on Extratorrents Unblock by using Extratorrents Proxy sites. I hope it was helpful to you. If you like it don’t forget to share with your friends who have a problem accessing Extratorrent Mirror sites. And if you have any problem accessing these Proxy Sites then comment us below. I will try my best to help you.


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