*FIX* 10 Ways To Fix CPU Overheating Of Your PC

Are you facing extra overheating on your CPU? And you PC is turning of automatically without any reason? Is your PC are working so slow that multitasking is not possible? Beware these symptoms demand an urgent CPU overheating fix. A these symptoms demand an urgent CPU overheating fix. CPU’s cooling system is one of the most important mechanisms that keeps your computer for working fast. And the electrical components of your computer would cease to function and lead to overheating, Which is one of the main problem which may causes of damage of crucial computer part such as you computers” Motherboard, Power Supply and other parts of your computer.

In a Computer/laptop a fans play a important role in dissipating heat and keep everything working within safe operating temperatures. Fan is also helping to remove hot air fast enough and any serious damage to your PC.

Fix Overheating On CPU

How To Fix CPU Overheating On Your Computer and Laptop?

If you want a speedy CPU overheating fix for your Computer and your laptop, Then you are the right place.Below In this article we are telling you 10 methods which you can use fr your fixing your CPU’s overheating. Which is based on your PC’s current state or symptoms, you can use any of these methods for solving your CPU’s overheating problem. Many are free or very inexpensive, So, If you really have any matter related to your CPU overheating then follow. Let’s get started!

1)Clean up of your PC

clean up your pc

As much as interval on OS-based cleanup of your PC (read: registries, viruses, etc.) is vital, And is external component cleanup.The fans inside your PC’s are the most important part which helps to keep your computer cool. If ( DIRT) is coming in your Computer fan which slows your PC and this is the main problem. It is found in any form: dust, pet hair, floating particulate, and computer and get stuck inside the fans.

Best option to fix overheating CPU and cool it off instantly is to clean the internal fans in your CPU. Where are they located? You can found fan inside the power supply, and one on top the CPU, and one or more fans (it is depending upon your CPU) on either the front or back or back of the case.

How do you make this CPU overheating fix work?

Clean cpu

Normally Shut down your PC, take off the case of CPU, and use air soft brush or vacuum to remove the dirt particles from each  of the fan. Yes, you can do it on by own help.

2) Stop Overclocking on your CPU

stop overclocking your pc

If you are not aware from overclocking, Chances are it is taking a heavy toll on your computer. Why? Well, because overclocking pushes your PC’s limits to its end. If any of programs that are well beyond your CPU’s capacity, Then you are in indulging overclocking. The programs could range from high-definition Computer games such as Battlefield to multiple torrent downloads, Video editing Software, Audio editor and many more.

These of the programs have a direct impact on the temperature that your CPU or any other overclocked hardware components operate at. Nevertheless, if you are inadvertently indulging in overclocking when you are playing games, We definitely recommend precautions such as re configuring your hardware to default factory setting and avoid running too many intensive programs keeps your hardware cool. Normally, you can also install more fans, if money you have no problem of money.

3) Allow more Air Flow On Your PC

allow more air follow

Perhaps this is the easiest precaution one could take to avoid heating up of their PC is allowing more air to pass through the CPU to give it some breathing space. It is a very well CPU overheating fix which can be executed by straight up removing any obstacles to air flow.

Always ensure that there is nothing sis at right next against either sides sides of the computer, and also at the back.

Always Remember, The most of the hot air passes out of the rear and of a desktop computer case. Hence, you should keep least 3-5 inches of open space on either side and keep the rear end of the computer completely open and unobstructed.

what can i do if my computer is hidden away inside a desk? You ought to ensure that your room’s door(s) are open frequently so that helps cool air enters in the room and seeps through the CPU case’s front and sides.

4) Keep Your CPU Case Closed

Contrary to popular urban legend “That is the secret of cooling off desktop computers is running your computer with the case open to increase more airflow,” A closed CPU is actually a more pragmatic approach. Why? Answer in only in one word: DIRT. With the case left open, Also, you are inviting dust and debris to clog the cooling fans faster than ever. Eventually, this could slow down your CPU much faster than usual.

A clogged up fan is a particularly terrible at cooling off costly computer components. In the long run, increased fan exposure to debris has a much greater value impact on CPU temperature’s. So, the precautionary measure here is to keep your CPU closed at all the times. Of course you could do your periodic clean-ups.

5) Move Your Computer Location

move you computer

Always, the area where you have placed your PC in is not conducive for long-term operations due to exposure to direct sunlight or downright dirty surroundings. So, the best CPU overheating fix here is to move your computer to cold area, i mean in any room which is not near to window.

6) Upgrade Your CPU Fan

upgrade your fan

Since the CPU is one of the most sensitive, important and expensive parts inside your PC, It also susceptible to overheating. If you haven’t already replaced your CPU fan sitting ignored in your PC now, Chances are it is just to keep it working smooth/properly at full of speed, you ought to get a new fan for your PC.

So, don’t worry you won’t need to make a hefty splurge. In these days, There are many large CPU fans that which help to keep CPU temperatures at bay more than a factory installed default fan could ever dream of.

7) Change The Power Supply

Change the power supply

If you placed your hand behind your computer and felt a lukewarm breeze touch upon your fingers? The airflow you feel actually comes from the power supply in your computer that has a big inbuilt fan.

In the absence of case fan, The power supply fan is the only way to extricate the hot air created inside your computer’s dwelling.Always remember, Your computer can fastly heat up if this fan isn’t working properly.

8) Revamp Case Of Fan

revamp case fan

A case fan is a small fan that is attached from the inside to the front or in the back of a desktop computer case. Case fans are a great way of ensuring the expensive components inside your CPU case don’t overheat since they helps air passes through a computer.

Ideally, by installing two case fans – one to move warm air out of the PC, and another to move cool air into the PC can solve all your case fans is a awesome CPU overheating fix to keep your computer cool.

What is more, Case fans are very easier to install than CPU fans, So, you need not be afraid to get inside your computer to tackle this project. In case you are using a laptop or tablet,Or a cooling pad is one of the handiest solutions to bail you out.

9) Install Some Component Specific Fans

Install Component Specific Fan

If you are a gamer, This CPU overheating fix is all the more suitable for you. In is the case, Super fast monitor and high-end gaming-oriented graphics card such as Sapphire RX Vega 64 and GeForce GTX 980 can often give the biggest heat producers in your PC. However, other components foment heats as well.

If you ever come across a graphics card, Memory or any other component that is creating a lot of heats, You can get a component specific fan and cool them down. Simply put, you need to buy and install a memory fan if your memory is getting hot. Similarly, if your graphics card is constantly overheating during the game plays, Upgrade to a High Graphics card fan.

10) Water Cooling PC Kit

water cooling computer kit

In a very high end desktop PC’s are meant for gaming action, Heat build up is a recurring problem that even the most efficient and faster fans are incapable of handing. In such cases when playing games could take a toll  your system, By installing a water cooling kit is a great CPU overheating fix that can be used as the last resort. Since water transfers heat well, It can drastically bring down the temperature of the CPU.

Additional Tip: You can also look for related symptoms of CPU overheating in your Computer BIOS. There in you would need to adjust to your default settings or the most recent settings that worked.


In this article we talked about lot’s of tips for fix Overheating on CPU. And by applying these methods you can simply fix overheating of your PC and Also share with your friends which are facing this same issue of overheating On his Computers CPU. If you have any problem in using these steps then you can freely comment us and if I forgot any methods for Fixing CPU Overheating then also comment us.



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